I had been going to Zoe’s Pilates mat classes for a couple of years before she opened her Reformer Studio and I have been having 1-1 Pilates Reformer sessions with her ever since.

She was always helpful and sympathetic when I struggled with her mat classes, but now I can do the Reformer 1-1 it has been a transformation. Someone of my age (70 this year) with so many different health problems really needs 1-1 anyway, but using the Reformer has meant that I am able to do much more than I ever imagined.

Zoe keeps my show on the road and, without her, I could never have attained my present level of fitness and wellbeing.  

Sue Osborne

Before lockdown I was training to run the 40th London Marathon in April. On the 13th March this was cancelled and so I started participating in Zoe’s fitness classes. She offered a mixture of classes for different abilities, Barre, Pilates and Better Bones. I take part in 5 or 6 classes per week and Zoe makes every one fun whilst encouraging and correcting any mistakes. After 5 months I know the classes have improved my fitness and core strength but they have also helped keep me sane in these weird times we are living in.

Karen Murray

I have been going to a variety of Zoe’s Pilates classes for the past 4 years and from a sceptical beginning, with my wife pushing the benefits of the sessions and
relentlessly nagging me, I have become completely won over. In fact if I miss any
sessions (which is rare) I feel I have really missed out - although Zoe is completely
flexible in these situations and will always try to fit you in to another class (they are all based locally) to help you out.

The sessions have really helped me become far more flexible and certainly
increased my core strength and the way I hold myself.  This in turn has reduced the
number of problems I used to get with my lower back, especially through rotation.  

I have also enjoyed the classes immensely and had fun while doing them, as Zoe has the right balance of instruction, advice, and positivity and a great sense of humour.  She is an excellent teacher and the pace she encourages throughout a
class enables it to move on well, while considering all abilities.  I have also been to the studio for several 1:1 sessions on the reformer and they are superb and worth the investment!

Since moving Online, the transition has been seamless and I now have a choice ofmany slots throughout the week with unbeatable value and none of the

professionalism has been lost brilliant!!!

I would thoroughly recommend Zoe and now you don’t have to travel further than

your own house I would certainly give it a go.

Bob Twells